Telegram Introduces Stars for Digital Goods Payments

Telegram Introduces Stars for Digital Goods Payments

Telegram, a popular messaging platform, has announced a significant update that allows bots and mini apps to sell digital goods and services. This move aims to enhance the user experience for its over 400 million monthly users who interact with these features to buy products, access services, and play games, according to Telegram.

Digital Goods and Services

Previously, businesses on Telegram could only sell physical products through bots and mini apps, accepting payments from around the globe. The latest update to the Bot Platform now includes seamless support for digital products. This development opens up new opportunities for businesses to offer e-books, online courses, and digital items within Telegram games.

Telegram Stars

To facilitate these transactions, Telegram is launching a new feature called Telegram Stars. Users can acquire Stars through in-app purchases via Apple and Google or through the PremiumBot. These Stars can then be spent on digital products offered by bots. This feature aligns with the latest policies from Apple and Google regarding sales of digital products.

Users can try out the new payment system with Stars by interacting with @DurgerKingBot, which offers a special cake for the occasion. Even if the cake is a lie, the bot will refund the Stars.

Ready for App Stores

Telegram Stars are designed to comply with Apple and Google’s latest policies, giving developers and users unprecedented access to in-app purchases within mobile app stores. In addition, developers will soon be able to withdraw the Stars earned by their bots in Toncoins via Fragment. This update ensures that the process for purchasing physical products remains unchanged, utilizing any of Telegram’s supported payment providers.


Developers can read more about the changes for digital products on this page.

The new payment system aims to provide fast and user-friendly transactions, potentially reaching over 900 million customers inside Telegram.

More than Bots

This update marks only the beginning for Telegram Stars. Future updates are expected to introduce additional features and functionalities, such as gifts for content creators and more. This initiative will likely expand the types of businesses that can thrive on the Telegram platform.

With the introduction of Telegram Stars, the platform is poised to revolutionize how digital goods and services are bought and sold within its ecosystem, providing new revenue streams for developers and a richer experience for users.

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