Best cryptocurrencies to buy with a market cap of less than USD 500 Million today

Best cryptocurrencies to buy with a market cap of less than USD 500 Million today

The crypto market, in general, has in recent years seen exponential growth. It’s therefore easy to think that there aren’t many coins that have enough upside for growth for you as an investor to take advantage of. But that’s not true. There are some coins that appear to be flying under the radar and as such, they are criminally undervalued. Here are some points:

Typically, coins with low market caps still have some room to grow.

They can be relatively new blockchain projects or older ones with a new twist.

Despite the low market cap, the coins should also have long-term intrinsic value as well.


So, if you are keen on finding the next crypto bargain, here are some incredible coins trading for less than USD 500 million in market cap:

Ultra (UOS)

Ultra (UOS) is an entertainment platform that provides a decentralised platform for people to publish and sell their entertainment. It could be music, videos, games, or anything else. It is actually the first such platform on the blockchain, and funny enough, Ultra has been under the radar for quite some time. 

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But this won’t last long. In fact, at the time of writing, the 24-hour trading volume had spiked by nearly 30%. The coin is trading at a market cap of $440 million with a price of $1.58 per coin.

EverRise (RISE)

EverRise (RISE) is a blockchain project designed to bring greater security in decentralised finance. The project is also looking to build an innovative system of DApps to accelerate access to DeFi around the world. 

It is a very promising initiative but remains significantly undervalued. At press time, the coin was trading at a market cap of around $55 million. The price per coin at the time was $0.0009016.

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