This Coin Has Gone up 400% More Than BTC and SHIB in a Month

This Coin Has Gone up 400% More Than BTC and SHIB in a Month

Believing in the long-term potential of their assets, many crypto investors are HODLing their Bitcoin and other coins, in response to the prolonged bear market.

However, in letting their capital sit idle until the market recovers, as opposed to putting it to work they are losing out on potential profits.

Others, at the other end of the risk spectrum, are swing trading, speculating on short-term price movements in either direction. While this can generate high returns, it also exposes the trader to an exceptionally high level of risk.

One project, however, is offering risk-free, industry-high passive profits, with zero effort involved. With the ArbiSmart interest-generating wallet and financial service ecosystem, you can make up to 147% a year, enjoying an identical interest rate, in a downturn or an upturn.


In less than a month, ArbiSmart’s native token, RBIS, has risen in value by 400%, and even as other major cryptocurrencies have been struggling to retain value, RBIS continues to climb. In fact, analysts believe it will rise to 30 times its current value by the end of 2022.

How the wallet works?

ArbiSmart’s EU-authorized interest-generating wallet supports 25 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and Apecoin to Euro, USD, and Pound Sterling.

You can place funds in an available balance, where they can be withdrawn at any point without earning interest, or place your funds in a locked savings plan for rates that remain consistent, whether the market is in a bear or bull trend.

Capital can be locked up for brief periods of 1 or 3 months, or for longer stretches of 2, 3, or 5 years, with higher interest the longer the time frame of the savings plan.

The primary factor impacting your earnings is your account level, which is determined by how much RBIS you own. So, holding more RBIS means a higher account level and a better interest rate on all supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

While you can earn unmatched interest on your Bitcoin, Euro, or other preferred currency, without having to convert it into RBIS, balances in RBIS earn a much higher return.

How to start earning?

Once you have signed up with ArbiSmart, your next step is to deposit funds in FIAT or crypto.

However, to earn interest on those funds, you need to buy a minimum of 1000 RBIS, which will place you at a Beginner Account Level 1. RBIS can be bought via a wallet or wire transfer, through a crypto exchange, or directly through the ArbiSmart dashboard.

Next, pick a currency, a length of time for the savings plan, and how you prefer to receive your interest. Paid out daily, interest can be sent to an available balance, where it can be accessed at any time; it can be locked in the savings balance along with the funds on which it is being earned; or it can be paid in RBIS, instead of the currency of the savings balance, and be locked until the plan expires, for the highest rate of return.

Lastly, pick a deposit amount and you’re done. From that point on the wallet will pay you daily interest that will remain steady, whichever direction the market is moving.

How profits remain consistent?

The reason ArbiSmart is able to generate such high rates at zero risk is that it utilizes deposited funds to perform automated crypto arbitrage.

Crypto arbitrage is a risk-free investment strategy that makes money from price disparities across exchanges – brief instances where a coin is available at different prices simultaneously.

These price disparities arise regularly, in all market conditions, and occur for various reasons, like differences in trading volume between a bigger exchange and a smaller one.

ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage algorithm is connected to 35 exchanges, where it tracks hundreds of coins day and night looking for price disparities.

Able to make multiple trades simultaneously, on identifying a crypto arbitrage opportunity, it buys at the lowest available price and then sells at the highest, to generate predictable profits that can be calculated ahead of time.

How demand is being increased?

As more RBIS is being taken out of general circulation and locked in long-term savings plans, the supply is decreasing. The amount of RBIS that can ever be created is finite, and as demand continues to rise, the supply will shrink, pushing up the price.

Over Q4 of 2022, and Q1 of 2023, the ArbiSmart development team is expanding the ecosystem with a series of new utilities, all of which will require ownership of RBIS, and this should further drive token demand.

The many services in the pipeline for the latter part of 2022 will include a mobile app for storing, buying, and exchanging assets; an exclusive collection of ArbiSmart non-fungible tokens (NFTs); an NFT marketplace; and a DeFi protocol, which will offer innovative gamification features.

The protocol will enable yield farmers to loan funds and provide liquidity for generous rewards that can be increased using score-boosting NFTs. In early 2023, ArbiSmart will also be launching a cryptocurrency exchange, as well as a play-to-earn gaming metaverse.

Since all the services are interconnected, RBIS owners will be able to boost their profits, when using more than one ArbiSmart utility, further encouraging token usage.

For example, an in-game item bought in the NFT exchange could increase the owner’s score leading to higher earnings in the metaverse or in the Defi protocol.

RBIS has quadrupled in value in just one month and the price is on track to climb much higher, so in addition to earnings from savings plans, and in the near future, from gaming, trading, and yield farming, RBIS holders will be able to enjoy sizable capital gains on the rising token value, whether the bear run continues or the market bounces back.

ArbiSmart is offering a signup promotion that will be valid for three days from the date that this article is published. The offer will provide anyone who registers and opens a wallet over the 72-hour period with 1,000 RBIS free.

This will place the wallet-holder at Beginner Level 1 account status, which will allow them to instantly start earning daily interest, and also enable them to earn capital gains from the steadily rising token value, without having to purchase RBIS.

To claim the free RBIS and start receiving interest right from day one, open a wallet today.


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